Monday, February 02, 2009

I think I have an ulcer.

I have decided that there is just way to much stress in my life and something has to go. I think I should be able to do a redo this year.

I'm in the middle of preparing for my surgery that is on Thursday. 3 days left to get my house clean, grocery shop, get stuff ready for the hospital visit, and then whatever else life throws on my lap. Though I don't hink much else could go wrong. (I'm tempting fate aren't I.)

Last week was the big pre-OP appointment. It wasn't too bad. Just a physical, blood draw, and chest x-ray. The issue was the chest x-ray showed a nodule on my left lung. Really do I need more possible bad news right now. So I got the joy of going in for a CT scan to find out what is was. In between the days between the two, Butter got taken to the ER for an ear infection. Yay! You think the kid would give us a little warning that something was going on. A tug on the ear, a fever, something, but no she gets it out of the blue and at a time that the docs office isn't open. Sweet, another ER visit. Anyway, back the the lung. So went in for the scan get told that the doc office should have the results back on Friday. I call on Fri wanting to know what it was, no go. The doc is out and the nurse doesn't feel right looking at the radiologists explanations. Seriously. So she said that my normal nurse would be in later and she would call back. After three calls that afternoon, I gave up. No one called me back. So I got to spend the weekend worring about the damn test. They did call me this morning. Turns out, that it was nothing. Just a flukey thing on the x-ray. I hate that office.