Wednesday, May 06, 2009

What happened to the last two..err.... three months?

My poor little blog, I bet you feel quite neglected. It has just been a hectic few months around the household. Lets see where to start.

So the surgery went well for my back. It wasn't nearly as evasive as I thought it was going to be. Staying home and not doing anything for two weeks was harder on me that the surgery itself. I really dislike having people do stuff for me, so it was hard to let K's Dad come in a take care of the household chores and the kids. With the uber-strict weight restrictions I could barely get myself dressed without going over the limit. On one hand though it was nice seeing my house so sparkling clean. He is much more of a cleaner than either K or I are, not to say that we don' t clean just not to that affect.

The kids are growing like weeds. In March we celebrated D's 1st Birthday. We had a joint b-day party with my sister's kid since he is only a few days older than D. It was nice having all of the family up for the party. My parents and all of the great-grandparents came up for it. Mr. D had a great time with the cake. He was into it way more than Butter was at 1.


Cake 2

The other reason that we had family in town was Butter had a recital that same weekend. She has now been playing the violin since about August of last year, so this was her big public debut. She did really well, actually she did great. I think my child really like being on stage. She had no problem following directions and she was frighted unlike some of the other kids there. I think that it has more to do with the fact that she hasn't hit that stage yet since she is so young.



At the end of April both of the kids went in for their check ups. They are both growing like weeds. D is now 31 inches and 25lbs and Butter is 37 inches and 32 lbs. I can't believe how much bigger D is that Kira at that age. They really aren't that far apart now even though they are two years apart.

We also had some sadness in the house at the end of April. We lost Freya, our Great Pyrenees. We really aren't that sure what happened since she wasn't sick or really that old (she would have been 5 come December.) My sister came over to get her for us since she could take care of the body and her best guess was that she either ate something that poisoned her or that she may have had her stomach flip. It was really sad for me since she was my dog. K and I talked and we decided that unless Odin goes though anxiety issues again we aren't going to get a new dog for awhile. I think we want to wait until the kids are older and able to help out with the chores.