Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ah Kids..

A friend of mine posted a picture of his kid covered in baby powder.  Well him, his bed, the pillows... you get the idea.  Its funny to see this since most parents have a story about their kids destroying stuff.

I think that one gift you get when you have a kid is "Parent Spidey-vision."  Its the ability to tell when your kids are up to no good, even when you just checked on them two seconds ago.  Its when its gets just a little too quiet and you know a disaster is about to befall your household.

Miss B had her "incident" about six months after Bucket was born.  She managed to get ahold of a tube of butt paste during a "nap".  Though I suppose you should call it B destroys a set of bedsheets in 5 minutes rather than "nap."  She mangaed to not only get it open but to squeeze out the entire contents onto her and her bed.  It wouldn't have been so bad but she decided to use it as a shampoo/body scrub.  It was one of the hardest substances I have ever encountered to get out of that kids hair.  That stuff stuck like glue, we ended up having to get special medical shampoo from a lady at daycare in order to finally get it all out. Fun times.

Bucket had his incident about a week ago.  I came upstairs to find him with a tube of cortisone. (You would have think we would have learned about keeping anything in tubes in the kid's bedroom after B's incident. I guess we just aren't that smart.) I had thought it wasn't a full tube since I couldn't find to much on him or his sheets.  Low and behold a day later we got to open their bedroom window and find it.  He had used the ointment to "wash" the window for us.  It was better than what Kira did, but still.

Ah the joys of kids!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I love my germ factories... no really I do.

I love fact that when a new cold comes through daycare either me or K is bound to pick it up.  This time it got all four of us.  The kids both have runny noses.  Which if you have had to deal with its fun considering the two year old has no frickin clue how to blow his nose.  Yay.  K and I both got massive colds.  I actually had to stay home from work this week cause I could barely function let alone drive into work.  It looks like K may have to head to the doc as he has noticed it moving into his chest.  Oh fun.  Gotta love the germy little ones.

I wish that I had pictures of the garden for an update, but alas the weather is being quite bitchy.  Its hard to get outside when it does nothing but thunderstorm and pour rain on everything.  At least we missed the tornadoes that came through the state last night.  That was fun getting to watch every 10 min on TV last night.  Really do you need to keep interrupting my shows with that.  I know your just doing your job but sheesh. 

I did however take note that I have a few tomatoes now on the bushes and quite a few sugar snap peas ready for harvesting.  I tasted one and it was heavenly.  So crisp and sweet.  I think I may have to plant them again next year. 

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I Need A Bigger Bed

Its hard sometimes when you have small children to get a full nights sleep.  Its one of the few things that I truly miss from being a non-parent. 

Bucket decided last night to come downstairs and refuse to go back to his bed.  I have a hard time making either kid go sleep in their beds when its 4:30AM and I'm exhausted.  So naturally I just let him climb into bed with us.  This would be fine if either of my kids stayed in one place while they slept.  I told K this morning I can't decide which kid is harder to sleep with.  Miss B who moves around everywhere and will eventually take up half of the king bed with us crammed together on the other half or Damian who doesn't move as much but will poke you to see if you are awake yet.  He knows better than to talk to me but that doesn't stop him from trying to get me to look at him.  He has learned that if I do that I will usually get up and go watch cartoons with him. 

Really I think this is all practice for the next few nights.  He is terrified of thunder and we are due to get storms all weekend.  Somehow I don't think I'm catching up on my sleep this weekend!

On a side note.  K told me that I can extend the flower beds in the front of the house.  I'm super excited as I would rather weed more garden space than mow all that grass.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Love My Garden

Its always great when I can start pulling things out of the garden.  This year we have a lot going on in a space that really shouldn't have that much.  Oh well.  I really like throwing things together and seeing what happens.  This is the first year that my front and side beds are really starting to fill out.  Its hard for me to get full looking beds as I'm always adding new things and moving stuff around.  Last year I didn't move to much since most of it was rather new and that did pay off this year.
The lilies really came out in full force and are stunning.  I don't remember them being this pretty last year.
 The daisies took off and went a little nuts.  This plant is about 3 years old and really peaked this year.  It is just covered in buds
Last year I planted a raspberry bush.  It didn't do much as the sunflowers I planted over grew and shaded it.  I was worried that I had killed the poor little thing since it was barely a twig at the end of the season.  I left it alone in hope that it was just playing dead.  Turns out it was just biding its time.
I'm already seeing baby raspberries.
 If you look closely at the big bush picture you can see the strawberries along the bottom.  That all is one plant that I made last year.  The plants are just covered in berries all waiting to be eaten.  Most don't make it into the house as the kids both like them warm and right off the plant.

The row of cucumbers that I planted are all doing well.  These are lemon ones.  The row of regular ones all died for some odd reason.  I think it may be due to me letting Miss B do the planting on that row.  Oh well at least she's out there helping me.
Small pepper plants.  I think that the broccoli and the cauliflower are over shadowing them to much.  Hopefully they will get a little bigger and I start seeing blooms on them.  One of them is a spicy cherry pepper plant.  I can't remember which one it is, so I'm hoping they both bloom.
Baby tomatoes!  I'm always excited when I start seeing these.  I planted a few different varieties this year.  The only one that didn't make it was the yellow jellybean, a type of grape tomato.  For some reason it refused to grow.  I also have three "wild" tomato plants.  The came up in the area of the bed that I planted them in last year.  I'm leaving them alone in hopes that I get fruit off of them. 

I have a ton of other plants in those beds as well but I wasn't able to get good pictures out of them.  There pumpkins, squash, watermelons, and okra are all doing well.  None of them look like much, but I'm please with their growth so far.  I also have peas, beans, beets, and carrots interspersed with the other plants.  Like I said before I may have over done it.  It will be nice this year to be able to eat out of the garden instead of the supermarket.  I may even try canning some of it if I have enough!