Wednesday, September 09, 2009

A strange rambling post in which I catch up on life...

Time always seems to get away from me. It seemed like summer was just starting and now all of the leaves are starting to turn. Even though we really haven't done much this summer it seems like it was super busy. I guess with the kids and trying to get stuff done around the house it seems that way.

We've been working on the mud room on the house all summer and its finally getting finished. New walls, floor, and ceiling. With all of the setbacks we had I'm surprised that its going to be done before we leave for vacation but it will be nice. One more weekend and it should be finished as we just have to hang trim and a fan. Then I just have to start looking for a new bench to go in there but that can wait for a while. It will be nice to actually use it as a mud room and leave all of the wet and dirty shoes and stuff out there this winter.

Its been a strange summer on that we lost both a cat and a dog within a few month period. Its kinda of strange being down to just one dog and no cats. Odin doesn't seem to mind being alone to much. I was worried that he would freak out like he did before we had gotten Freya. I guess old age has really mellowed him. I have to admit though as much as I miss the cats its been really nice not to have to clean a litter box.

The garden did strange things this summer. The weather has not been friendly to my plants. We did manage to get a few tomatoes, peppers, and even one melon. Most of the plants grew well until that cold snap and then they just started dying. After to talking to others in the area I found out that everyone's veggies did this. The really strange thing is that the yellow squash that I planted went nuts. I got a huge bumper crop from two little plants. I finally had to just pull the plants and freeze what was left as we are all sick of squash. I really need to start cleaning everything else out so I can get the beds ready for fall.

Its funny how kids pick up on life around them even when you don't think they are. We try to regulate how much TV the kids watch and only let them turn it on during the weekend. They get to watch cartoons in the morning but that is about it. However after cartoons we tend to turn the channels to something that K or I want to watch and the kids play. Usually they don't look like they pay it any mind, but last weekend Butter let on that she is picking up random facts from it. Typically we get scratch tickets after grocery shopping, but here lately we are trying to save our cash for the upcoming vacation so we haven't been doing it. Butter asked if she could push the buttons when we walked past the machine. I told her we weren't going to get any due to we were trying to save money. Her response.. "Oh, so we can pay for car insurance?" Yep she has absorbed the message of the GEICO commercials.