Friday, January 23, 2009

Plays and Doctors

So this past wed was a busy day. I worked for a little bit and then off to all the appointments and such. I went to the neurosurgeon to discuss all my options for my back. Its going to be the surgery route for me. After talking with him I've come to realize just how much I want to be done with everything. I'm tired of hurting, taking drugs, and not being able to pick the munchkins up.I think that the last thing is the hardest, specially for Butter. She's old enough to walk but still young enough to want to be held. Its hard telling her that Mommy can't carry her, and Daddy can't due to holding Mr. D.

Wed was also the first of the shows for the season tickets that my Mom gave me for X-mas. We, Joy and I, saw Spring Awakening. I hadn't look up anything about the show before we went so it was not what I was expecting. It was such a great show. The music was a great mix of traditional musical ballads mix with what we decided sounded a lot like 80's punk. The actors were all wonderful and did such a great job. It was one of the best shows that I've seen in a few years.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Its Wednesday Already

Its been busy around the household the past few days, all in prep for today. The big doctor's appointment is today and I'm really not looking forward to going. Kevin is taking a half day so that he can be with me for it. I'm not really sure if that is a good thing or a not. I do want him to come with me cause I'm scared to death, but I know that if he wasn't there I would be able to hold it together better. Hopefully the doc will give us better news than I'm really expecting and it won't matter.

On the home front Mr. D broke through two new teeth on Monday. Its sad that he will lose the fang look now that the two front teeth are coming in. We want him to have a full set of teeth, but damn he really was cute like that!

Friday, January 16, 2009


A few months ago, well more like a year ago now that I think about it, I purchase a jigsaw puzzle for Butter. It was made by a German company called Haba and I was extremely impressed at how well made it was. Butter loved it, but a few days after we had it we somehow managed to lose a piece. We kept the puzzle since we still had the original box and kept looking for the piece. We knew that it couldn't have gone far due to where it was lost.

Now here it is months later and we still had the puzzle with the missing piece. I don't know why it didn't dawn on me months ago, but I finally realized that I could contact the company about seeing how or even if we could get a replacement piece. Right before Christmas I sent them an e-mail regarding the puzzle and I even included which piece it was that we were missing. I promptly forgot about it. I was expecting them to e-mail me back with how to get a piece, what it was going to cost, ect. since most companies in this day and age charge for every little thing.

Low and behold when I got home yesterday there was a small box in the mail. Now I love getting boxes in the mail, specially the opening of them So my husband leaves all packages for me to open even his stuff. I looked at the return and couldn't believe it, it was from Haba. Inside was no note, no invoice, nothing but the missing piece wrapped ever so carefully in bubble wrap and then purple tissue paper. I'm still amazed that they just sent it and that it was wrapped so carefully, not just stuffed inside some box. In this day and age to find a company that has such great customer service is just shocking. So if you need some cute children toys, I highly recommend that you check them out.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just say "ma-ma"

So a while ago Mr. D starting talking. It was the normal baby noises and such. Well now that he is progressing we cannot seem to get him to say Mama. No matter how hard we try he just won't do it. A few nights ago we were giving the kids a bath, and I was trying yet again to get him to say it.

Okay sir say " Ma-ma-ma"

He looks right at me "Dada"

No say Mama


This goes on for a while until the cat comes in.

Say Mama

kid-dee (His version of kitty. Yes, he recognizes the cat for what it is but nope not poor old Mama.)

I think I may just give up. When Butter was this little we could not get her to say Dada. Heck she still calls for me before she calls for K even now. This bugged K to no end at this stage, but I kept telling him not to worry she would eventually come around and who knows maybe the next kid would like him better. Wow, was I ever right on that one!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Here it is the new year and I'm going to really really try to keep up with this blog. (No, really I am.)

So up first my holiday tale of woe. Here I thought that we were going to have a great holiday season. Butter is old enough now to recognize X-mas and Santa so she was super excited. My parents came down from Ohio for a week or so. We were set for who was hosting what meals and events. It was turning into a great time. Then the Sat before I skidded on a mat. Literately skidded about 6-8 inches. Caught myself on a railing, thanked the gods for not falling in front of a bunch of people and went on my merry way. Sun I woke up to my back just killing me. I figured I had pulled a muscle or 12 took some drugs and waited for Mon. Mon I saw the chiropractor and felt so much better. My back quit hurting so I took it easy and watched what I did. Tues I woke up with pain going down my left leg, but no back pain. Figured that I had inflamed the disc that I screwed up in High School since I was having the same type of pain, so I went to the doc for something stronger than OTC meds as they weren't touching it. He agreed with me and gave me a script for Vicodin, told me to take advil on top for the swelling and to come back if it got worse.

Fast forward to X-mas day. I was hurting so bad that I couldn't get out of bed. I missed seeing Kira go out and see what Santa brought her since I was still in bed. Dad and Kevin came and got me out of bed and to the couch. They wanted to take me to the ER right away, but I said no I was going to watch Butter open gifts and then I would go. (Looking back, I should have gone then since I really don't remember opening gifts due to the pain.) Joy and Tamir came up for the opening of gifts, so Joy volunteered to take me to the ER. Surprisingly for X-mas day the visit was relatively quick, the gave me a shot of Morphine, Valium, and Toradol ( a strong anti-inflammatory,) along with a script for Percocet. since they thought the same thing the doc did.

Sat we had professional pictures scheduled since we had everyone here. Everyone asked me if I wanted to cancel them since I was still feeling really bad. I said no, and put on a brave face and went. Even with me in pain the pictures turned out really great. Halfway through them, I realised that I really needed to go back to the doc as the pain was worse then ever. So Mom took me to the ER this time. It didn't take the docs long to realise just how bad it was, bad enough that they admitted me to the hospital. A MRI was done and they found out that it wasn't the old injury that was causing the issue it was a new one. Turns out that I ruptured the disc below the that one all due to a little skid.

I got to spend 5 days in the hospital hooked up to a morphine drip, I got a cortizone shot on Tues and they send me home on New Years Eve. It was way fun let me tell ya. Thankfully for Kevin my Mom was able to rearrange her schedule so that he had some help with the kids while I was gone. I am so grateful to the family for stepping up and taking care of the kids and house while I was there.

So here I am two weeks later and I still am having issues with my back and leg. I saw my doc this week and he said wait and see what the neurosurgeon says. I get to see him next week. Yay. I know that they are going to do at least one more shot, but I'm really crossing my fingers that this doesn't turn into back surgery.